Book a test ride - take yours today

Book a test ride - take yours today

Test Rides - The Harley-Davidson® Experience. Living By It.

What flickers in the eye quickly spreads to the gut. The infamous Milwaukee rumble and low-end torque. The sweet smell of burnt fuel. The brotherhood. The sisterhood. Endless roads. Distant horizons. Wind. Big sky. Inked skin. A legion of chrome and leather. Pure, undiluted devotion to something bigger.

There’s a good reason a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle incites such passion in its owner. Everything they build starts with a burning desire to create something epic.

For over 110 years they have dedicated themselves to that end. To refining the motorcycle. Pushing its design and technology ever forward. And ensuring their blend of combustion thrives for time eternal.

Extended Test Rides

We want you to experience all there is to experience on our bikes. We want you to have the time with the bike to get to know it. To take the time to make sure you…..FIT.  So why not take it home? Pick it up on a Saturday and return it on the Monday.

With us is not about selling you a motorcycle it’s about giving you enough information so you can add the right model with the right accessories into your family.  We are not sales people we are lifestyle specialists. We know because we ride. We know because for most of us this is our whole life. We know and we care so trust us when we tell you a 10 minute ride is not enough to get to know your new motorcycle.

We believe life is what you make it, and with a Harley-Davidson® we make it one hell of a ride.

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